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Professor blindie smiling is holding her cane. She is wearing a navy blue shirt that says Blind Intelligence with blind being written in brail.

Professor Blindie is a rising pillar of the community focused on being the representation she desired to see by spreading inspiration and awareness. Being a mom first, she has found ways to integrate her lifestyle into her brand.  Professor Blindie was fully sighted until November 2018, during her sophomore year of college at Sam Houston State University. As a way to assist with her transition and adjustment to her new lifestyle, she created Blind Intelligence. Professor Blindie continues to grow into a successful entrepreneur and business woman that inspires others through her triumph of life experiences and spreading awareness. Professor knows the power of having her voice heard. She uses different elements of her story to encourage, enlighten, and connect with any crowd she comes across. With her personable and transparent   attitude, professor Blindie’s audience always feel as if they were left with a piece of her and have now became a part of her journey.


Blind Intelligence’s mission is to spread inspiration and awareness, and to highlight shared perspectives for all Scholars.


Blind Intelligence thrives on open-mindedness,  transparency, confidence, courage, and ambition. Everyone has a perspective that needs to be heard so don’t silence your voice trying to please others.


A blue rose and sunflower intertwined. The torn and leaf on the steam of both flowers are creating a heart

impossible  mom was crafted during Professor Blindie pregnancy. She was often asked questions about how she was going to parent as a blind woman and was ridiculed for her parenting techniques. Even from other blind mothers, she was told certain things would be impossible to do. She has worked past the naysayers and found a solid routine with her growing boy/s Professor wished there was a course of class she could’ve taken geared towards blind parents to help prepare her. Unfortunately never found any. Now, Professor Blindie is dedicated to making it easier for newly blind parents to get some tips and tricks, while being submerged in a community of women just like them. As a mom, we always make the impossible possible

A blue and green brain dripping fluid with a green and blue awareness ribbon in the middle of it.

Fluid on the Brain

After a week and a half long hospital stay, two weeks in rehab,  and over a month of being misdiagnosed Professor Blindie was properly diagnosed with Pseudotumor CerebriPTC . Per the Mayo- Clinic PTC occurs when the pressure inside your skull (intracranial pressure) increases for no obvious reason. It's also called idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

Symptoms mimic those of a brain tumor. The increased intracranial pressure can cause swelling of the optic nerve and result in vision loss. 

Some risk factors of this  diagnosis are:

Women in child bearing age


Certain steroids

Certain medications use of lithium


Vitamin A derivatives

The symptoms include, but are not limited to:

Chronic Headaches

Ringing ears

Severe  back pain

Neck stiffness

Vision black outs, doubling , or blurring

Because this is a preventable diagnosis Professor Blindie wants to spread the word about it as much as possible. In Professor Blindie experience many doctors didn’t know what they were encountering with her symptoms.  Many of them overlooked and turned their heads to her complaints and concerns. Had she been educated on Pseudotumor Cerebri she could’ve possible saved her eyesight and a lot of pain and suffering. That is why she  aims to have a awareness campaign event every September, named Preventing While Experiencing. Join our committee to bring this mission to life. Click Here! Also, purchase one of our awareness shirts :

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