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Professor Blindie, smiling at the camera, wearing an orange blindIntelligence T-shirt that reads sticky note of the day: my eyesight does not determine my future

Hello Scholar! I’m an inspirational Speaker

As a homage to Professor Blindie sighted days she has incorporated sticky notes with inspirational messages to her brand. Find out more about these messages by clicking here!

  There isn’t a guide to many things in life. Professor loves to share her experiences and tips in her Blind Intelligence and Impossible Mom classes. Click below to find out more!

Professor Blindie is demonstrating to a blind folded student how to use a slate and stylist

On March 20th, 2023 Professor Blindie spoke at  a mesquite ISD high school. Click here to book her for your upcoming events or workshops !

a group picture of Professor Blindie and scholars wearing blind intelligence shirts outside the Preventing While Experiencing  event.

Professor Blindie was diagnosed  with Pseudotumor Cerebri on December 28, 2018. This diagnosis is the reason for her blindness. Click here to learn more about our efforts to spread awareness .

Scholar of the month


You're going to leave feeling encouraged, inspired, and  educated every time!!

To see more of  the Blind Intelligence collection click here!.


Want to check my availability and  know where you can catch me next?  Check out my upcoming events! I hope to see you and the family there!!


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